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Plastic Sheet Extruder

Plastic Sheet Extruder

Plastic Sheet Extruder
CategoriesFilm Extruder
BrandAndon Health
Update Time2022/9/25
Detail Information

JD105/28F Single-Screw Main Extruder
1 Screw Diameter 105mm
2 Screw Compress Ratio 3.7
3 L/D 30: 1
4 Heating Power Five Sections 30KW
5 Temperature Controller Made in Zhejiang
6 Motor Power 45kw frequency conversion
7 Screw Rotate Speed 0-70 Rpm
8 Out Put: 125Kg/H
9 Material And Rigidity 38crmoala

Filter Changing Equipment
1. Filter Changing Ways Motor Speediness Changing
2. Board Hole Diameter Φ3~3.5 Mm

Machine Head
1. Width 800mm(finished product width 660 Mm)
2. Thickness 0.3~2.0mm
3. Dimension 810× 250× 240

Sheet Auxiliary Machine

Calendar Roller Press Smooth Machine

1 Roller Diameter 300mm
2 Roller Surface Length 800mm
3 Roller Number 3 Pieces
4 oller Adopts Mirror Surface Roller
5 Calendar Linear Velocity 0-13m/m
6 Drive Motor 4.0kw frequency conversion
7 Up-Down Roller Journey 40mm
8 Roller Compaction Ways Manual
9 Roller Driving Ways Chain Drive
10 Moving Motor 1.1KW
11 Specification Width 660mm
Thickness 0.3-2.0mm

Bracket Traction (Include the Side Cutting Equipment)
1 Traction Roller Diameter 160mm
2 Traction Roller Surface Length 800mm
3 Cooling Roller Diameter 65mm
4 Traction Motor 2.2kw frequency conversion
5 Knife Number 2pcs
6 Side Cutting Output Width 670mm
7 Bracket Traction Length 2.8m

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